First arriving in the year 2000, the BMW F650GS was the much-anticipated predecessor to the classic F650. One of the most user friendly and forgiving dual purpose bikes out there, it’s great for those new to the world of adventure riding.

Upon its release it was hailed as one of the most technologically advanced bikes in the world. With an electronic management system, fuel-injected motor and switchable ABS, you can see why – even if bikes have come on a long way since then!

It’s a comfortable ride that feels at one with the surroundings, both on tarmac, and off it. While it can feel heavy at slow speeds, once you pick up the pace you’re bound to feel firmly planted on the track. This is a bike that has been made to feel great on and off road, and is ideal for adventures in the dirt and on the tarmac.

Key Stats

  • Wet weight: 193 kg (425.5 lbs)
  • Seat height: 871 mm (34.3 in.)
  • Engine: 652cc, Single-cylinder, Water-cooled, Four-stroke, DOHC, 4-valves
  • Power: 50 HP (37 kW) @ 6500 RPM
  • Displacement: 652cm³

Why people like about the BMW F650GS

  • Adjustable seat height (not the Dakar model)
  • Optional switchable ABS
  • Handles well – unintimidating
  • Decent power and can hold its own in the dirt
  • Easy access to battery
  • Comfortable off and on the tarmac
  • Easily modified
BMW F650GS Stock
BMW F650GS Stock. (image courtesy of

Why people choose other bikes

  • Gear box can feel a bit clunky
  • Runs out of power at higher speeds
  • Heavy steering at low speeds
  • Hard work off road when compared to more nimble dirt bikes

Common modifications

  • Seat; The stock seat is likened to sitting on a plank. As such, many riders opt for a more comfortable alternative, or add silicon inserts into the existing seat.
  • Crash Bars; An essential addition for keeping your engine in one piece.
  • Inner Mudguard; The stock mudguard is pretty high, resulting in mud and gravel being thrown up at the rider in some conditions. A Touratech inner mudguard fixes the issue, but may soon get clogged in muddy, off road conditions.
BMW F650GS Fully loaded
BMW F650GS Fully loaded.
(Image courtesy of