Guided Motorcycle Tours

Guided motorcycle tours are a great way to meet other riders and explore the world by motorcycle with the help of a guide and often a support vehicle. They are especially good if you are limited for time and want to get the most out of the region you are travelling through with the time that you have available. On the other hand, the limitations of guided motorcycle tours include the dates that you are able to travel, where you are able to go to and the fact that you will normally need to go in a group with people you don't know.

Tips For Choosing Guided Motorcycle Tours


When comparing guided motorcycle tours it is important to take into considerations the inclusions that each company is offering as these can vary wildly. Meals, accommodation, fuel and other necessities can add up substantially if they are not already included in the tour price.


Your guide is one of the most important aspects that will affect your experience on a guided motorcycle tour. Their personality, knowledge of the region, languages (yours and the country you are riding through) and expertise in riding can make or break your trip. When you are comparing companies it is favourable to go with local guides that know the language, people and destinations that you are riding through, as well as speak your own language so that you can communicate with them and get the most out of their expertise.

Who is actually running your tour

Many global tour operators outsource the operation of their tours to local partners who will look after you when you are on the ground. While this is common practice and not inherently a bad thing, it is worth looking into the company that you will actually be dealing with.  

Businesses Offering Guided Motorcycle Tours

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