Motorcycle Tours & Rentals in Iceland

Iceland is a remote and rugged part of the world and riding there is sure to be a highlight for anyone. There are not a lot of options for local motorcycle tours & rentals in Iceland and those that are available are on the expensive side, as you would expect for such a remote part of the world. That said, this is such an amazing place to ride, that it is surely worth saving your pennies if you ever get the chance.

F-Roads on rented Motorcycles

If you want to ride the famous F-Roads of Iceland you will most likely need to go with a guide. Most rental companies and self-guided tours do not cover you on F-Roads and especially not for crossing rivers. Never fear though as there are a range of great guided tours in Iceland that do take in the F-Roads and so much more.

Motorcycle Tours in Iceland

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Advice & Inspiration for Motorcycle Touring in Iceland

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Motorcycle Rentals in Iceland