One of the reasons that has been set up is to feature local businesses around the world that offer motorcycle tours, rentals & services. From motorcycle tours, to rider training or shipping, we have tried to put together listings of local experts that can help you explore the world on two wheels, along with advice on how to choose a business to use.

Guided Motorcycle Tours

Guided adventure motorcycle tours are a great way to meet other riders and explore the world by motorcycle with the help of a guide and often a support vehicle. This option is great too when you don’t have a lot of time and would like to spend all your time and energy focused on enjoying the ride, rather than organisation. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GUIDED MOTORCYCLE TOURS >>

Self-Guided Motorcycle Tours

Self-guided motorcycle tours off freedom, flexibility and independence for individuals or groups of friends that want a riding holiday organised for them, without a group or leader. Self-guided motorcycle tours also take a lot of the hassle out of organising a trip, without sacrificing the freedom and spontaneity that makes travel by motorcycle such an adventure. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT SELF-GUIDED MOTORCYCLE TOURS>>

Motorcycle Rentals

Know exactly where yo want to go, but don’t want the cost of flying your bike across the world? Motorcycle rentals offer complete freedom for you to put together your own motorcycle journey, without the expense and hassle of taking your own bike. They often have the added bonus of having a little backup if things don’t completely go as planned. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT MOTORCYCLE RENTALS >>

Motorcycle Shipping & Transport

As much as you would like, you cannot ride your motorcycle completely around the world. If you want to travel on multiple continents on your own bike then shipping it by air or sea is inevitable. Find our more about the best way to do this and companies that can help. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT MOTORCYCLE SHIPPING AND TRANSPORT >>

Adventure Rider Training

Improving your skills on a bike is the best insurance you can have to get you home from your next adventure safely. Learn the skills that will keep you on the road for longer with offroad and advanced rider training. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT ADVENTURE RIDER TRAINING >>
Offroad Motorcycle Tours, Rentals & Services