After hanging out with my family in Chilliwack it was time for us to start the first part of our journey proper – the ferry up the Inside Passage from Bellingham (just over the U.S. border from Vancouver) up to Whittier (just south of Anchorage)

We headed out with plenty of time spare as we needed to check the bikes in three hours before the ferry was scheduled to leave at 7:15pm and we also had our first border crossing on the bikes, which being into the States we were unsure of how difficult it would be. Turns out my mum had more trouble getting through in the car with my cousin than we did on the bikes! Initial advice for border crossings – be direct and literal.

We’d already farewelled Bob and Jackson in Chilliwack, now it was time to say goodbye to Peta and Taylor (who was still devastated because we were going to get on a ferry not a fairy!). As they headed back to Chilliwack we skipped the massive line of vehicles (we were told to do so but still got a few evil looks) and parked ourselves in the front of the line.

There were a few bikes there and they immediately struck up conversation, first by stirring us about pushing in front of the line, then about each others bikes and our planned journeys. It wasn’t long and we were summoned into the bowels of what was to be our home for the next five days and where we made friends with a father and son from California as we helped them tie down their bikes.

Strapped down and squared up we went to find mum and the tiny ‘Roomette’ that the three of us would be sharing (definately not complaining because Jock and I didn’t pay for a room and would have been pitching our tents on the deck otherwise!).