Ulaanbaatar – Mustang Shineray 150 Rental

Rent a Mustang Shineray 150 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

The Mustang 150cc made in China has become a must in the Mongolian steppe, seducing nomads even in the most areas These bikes are now preferred to the old IZH Planeta and prove to be the perfect companion for travel in rough conditions. Two litres per 100 kms, electric start and an assortment of luggage racks capable of transporting huge cargoes are arguments shock for those who crisscross the steppe. Spare parts are widely available in all village markets and any nomad will be able to repair them, even in the middle of nowhere.

Rental price is per-day, based on a seven-day hire.




  • International driving license.
  • Deposit a passport or the sum of 700€ per motorbike.


  • 3rd party insurance. 3-rd party insurance only covers bodily injury and property damage to 3-rd parties. Maximum indemnity limit per occurrence is up to 2200 Euros.


  • Fuel
  • Riding gear

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