Ulaanbaatar – Ural Sidecar Rental

Rent a Ural Sidecar in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Originally built for military purposes, Ural motorbikes are considered copies of BMW R71. Their design dates back for more than 70 years, they are noisy, they heat, they brake badly and finally, they easily go awry. And that is why you will love them because they have the qualities of their defects. The driving rules are those who were in effect 60 years ago and the speed is definitely prohibited. Originally, these vehicles were working tools, road tractors used to transport people and goods in the most remote places and always at a slow pace.

Rental price is per-day, based on a seven-day hire.




  • International driving license.
  • Deposit a passport or the sum of 700€ per motorbike.


  • 3rd party insurance. 3-rd party insurance only covers bodily injury and property damage to 3-rd parties. Maximum indemnity limit per occurrence is up to 2200 euro.3rd party insurance.


  • Fuel
  • Riding gear

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