Getting a slow start to the day, including the traditional pancake breakfast, we headed into Yellowstone again on 5 July to face the rest of America that were visiting that day.

If we thought the traffic was bad the day before it was twice as bad today. Passing RVs and cars made for a good game as we rode a big loop circumnavigating the park. Despite the speed limit and the traffic we were still able to give it a pretty good go, just having to stop occasionally for the roadblocks that would form from all the other tourists (especially the RVs) stopping on the road when they saw wildlife and blocking it for all others to pass. I swear the full time job of the rangers was to respond to such incidents and control the traffic!

There were lots of these roadblocks as there was so much wildlife to see. We saw bison, elk, moose, black bears and deer all over the place. So much more visible than a lot of the wildlife at home.

The park is huge and the roads only touch a small part of it. I could only imagine how cool it would be to go hiking out into the heart of it. Not on this trip though, we needed to push on through and around to the Grand Tetons, to Jackson Hole where we were to meet a guy that I’d been in touch with on ADV Rider.

Coming out of Yellowstone into the Grand Tetons National Park I really liked the view back onto the Tetons as you head down towards Jackson. There is just something about how sharp and jagged the peaks are, rising straight up from the prairies into the sky. I actually saw a picture of them somewhere and told myself I needed to find that view – mission accomplished (no photos though unfortunately as we were running late and trying to beat the rain too).

Dave Jakowsky (aka Stovebolt), had graciously offered to have us stay over at his house and we took the chance to have some parts delivered ahead of us there too. We met Dave and his wife Dorothy in Jackson, just ahead of the rain and they guided us around the their house at the back of the Tetons, in Victor and Dave showed us his two pride and joys, his KTM that he had tricked out completely and his snowmobile – something that I think Jock and I would definitely be into if we lived in that part of the world.

Spending the night there with Dave and Dorothy it was another taste of American hospitality and its something that we will always remember. People we had essentially never met happy to take us in and share their home with us. It was a real shame we weren’t able to hang around for the weekend to go out for a ride with Dave, however it was the same story of having to keep moving and keep clicking over the kms.

From Victor we headed into Idaho Falls to get a new front tyre for my DR (the old one had done around 12kms and really should have been changed in Missoula, however the mishap with the sprocket had made me miss my window at the dealer. By the time we got to a place we could have it changed all the knobbies on each side of the middle row had worn down to the point where they were actually hollows (some nearly all the way through!).